Thursday, January 06, 2005


Well, it's a new year and nothing is happening. I have been relatively busy at work, and have been spending the past week watching the end of the college football season. I really think that Auburn should have played USC in the Orange bowl, but the computers-that-be decided otherwise. I am still trying to get further into the whole blogging thing, and I'd like to set up links to Amazon of things that I'm listening to, reading, and watching, like Wil Wheaton's blog ( see my links). I think I've downloaded the right stuff from Amazon, but I don't really know how to set it up. What with football and web stuff, I haven't watched anything on my Tivo this week, so I'm sure that shows are piling up. I am re-reading the Chronicles of Narnia now, and started The Silver Chair last night. The books take about two hours for me to read, so that works out to two to four night's worth. After the Chronicles, I've got Jimmy Buffet's new one. Tonight is the wine tasting at DC Cellars, a great wine store in Auburn. We have wine and beer, and they usually have cheese and other munchies. It's a very casual place, so if anyone's in Auburn and reading my blog, come out there and take part in the festivities. I guess that's all for today.


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